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Welcome to Dark Knights

To become a member is easy, just ask! If your approved your in!

If your an artist or writer, please feel free to post your work on the site! We love to see new creative ideas from young minds like yours!


Added work to my photos section, that's about all right now.
Added some new stuff on the main page, like finally I have a section for old news up :). Hopefully I can get some new work up today but I'm not counting on my computer to be that helpful in doing so.
I've been really slack on updates, and believe me there's not much to update. Anyway, i'm back in college so I should have some new work to put up soon. The other members I havn't talked to all summer, but their current work will remain on the site. Other then that I'm just here doing some patch work on the site, I hope to have something new up soon. And if anyone is interested in helping or posting work, just send a message to .